What are PlusMobile Polls?
PlusMobile Polls are SMS programs that allow users to, via their mobile device, vote for contestants and answer questions provided by various PlusMobile brands.

How do I sign up for PlusMobile Polls?
End-users can sign up for PlusMobile Polls by entering their mobile number on a PlusMobile brand's website or by texting in a PlusMobile brand's keyword to the shortcode 55862. PlusMobile Polls are not mobile spam.

Is it free?
Although all PlusMobile Polls are complimentary, std rate messaging fees do apply.

What if I don't want to receive any more promotional messages?
To stop receiving all PlusMobile Poll related messages, simply text "STOP" to the shortcode 55862. After doing so you will no longer receive any PlusMobile Poll related messages.

What if I want back in?
You can enter back into PlusMobile Polls by following any of the steps outlined above section: "How do I sign up for PlusMobile Polls". You may also email our support staff at support@plus-mobile.net. They will contact you to confirm that you would like to re-enable your mobile device.

What if I want more info?
To request more info simply text "HELP" to the shortcode 55862.

STOP: At any time users can text "STOP" to the shortcode 55862. This will prevent them from receiving any future PlusMobile Poll related messages.

HELP: At any time users can text "HELP" to the shortcode 55862. Texting "HELP" will return the following message: For more info: www.plus-mobile.net or email: support@plus-mobile.net. Text STOP to stop. Std rates apply.

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