What is Content Mobilizer?
The PlusMobile Content Mobilizer allows users to send ringtones and wallpapers directly from our portal to their handset. Users simply enter their mobile number in pop-up window, click send, and have the associated audio, image, or text sent immediately. The PlusMobile Content Mobilizer, mobilizes both free and premium content.

How do I download content to my phone?
Within any Content Mobilizer Portal page you may see a phone icon like this:phone icon
This phone icon is attached to a wallpaper or ringtone that you can download directly from the web-based portal. Upon clicking the phone icon you will be prompted for your mobile number. Enter your mobile number and click "Send". The content will arrive on your mobile device shortly.

Is it free?
The ability to send content to your mobile device is free. Standard messaging rates will apply and some content is premium and therefore you will have to accept the charge before downloading.

How will I be charged?
Upon choosing to send a premium ringtone or wallpaper to your device, you will receive a text message asking you if you agree to the $.49/.99/1.99/2.99 charge. The charge is dependent on which content you have choosen to purchase. An example of this message is: "You have choosen to purchase the Ringtone of the Day for $.99. Reply "y" to accept these charges." Upon replying "y" to the message you will receive a link to download the content. After downloading the content your mobile phone will charged. Again the amount of the charge is dependent on the content and the price point will be available on the website.

What if I do not want to be charged?
That's easy....simply reply "n" to the above message, or don't reply at all!

What if someone else is sending content to my phone
You will always be prompted to receive the content, whether it's premium or not. In the case that it is premium the message will state how much the content will cost. In the case of non-premium content you will simply be asked if you want to recieve the content. Again, you can reply "n", or simply not reply at all.

What if I don't want to receive any content at all?
To stop receiving any messages from Content Mobilizer, simply text "STOP" to the Content Mobilizer shortcode. After doing so you will no longer receive any messages.

What if I want back in?
If you want to start sending content from Content Mobilizer, email our support staff at support@plus-mobile.net. They will contact you to confirm that you would like to re-enable your mobile device.

What if I want more info?
To request more info simply text "HELP" from your mobile device to the Content Mobilizer shortcode.

STOP: At any time users can text "STOP" to the Content Mobilizer shortcode. This will prevent them from receiving any future content. If at anytime they would like to have the ability to receive content again, they can contanct support@plus-mobile.net. Upon receiving a support request, our support team will contact you to confirm that you in fact want Content Mobilizer access re-enabled for your mobilie device.

HELP: At any time users can text "HELP" to the Content Mobilizer shortcode. Texting "HELP" will return the following message:
For more info: www.plus-mobile.net/cmo/faqs.html or email: support@plus-mobile.net. Text STOP to stop. Std rates apply.

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